Some Colorado employees who are 40 or older may face age discrimination at work. In some cases, it might be unconscious or subtle. Age discrimination is often based on a number of false assumptions, such as that older workers cannot learn new approaches. Therefore, it might be helpful for older workers to take certain steps to remind colleagues and employers that they are still relevant in the workplace.

Older workers may want to make sure that they maintain a professional, contemporary appearance. This can include haircut and accessories. At work, they should try to form relationships with co-workers of all ages. They can model behaviors that show an embrace of new technology. They should also try to continue attending conferences, staying in touch with leaders in the industry and reading about what is current. Keeping up with social media can also be helpful.

Some older workers might want to stay in their current jobs so they do not have to deal with the discrimination that may accompany job hunting. However, this might also be a time when employees want to change careers and seek something different.

Older employees are supposed to be protected from workplace discrimination based on age. Workers are also protected from discrimination based on other characteristics, including race, religion and pregnancy. Unfortunately, employers and co-workers do not always observe this. Discrimination may come in the form of denying a person a job, terminating an employee or refusing an employee a promotion. It might also be more subtle and involve creating a hostile environment for the employee. People who are in this situation might want to talk to an attorney about their rights and options. They may want to start by reporting the discrimination at work. If they face retaliation or the employer does not respond appropriately, there may be legal remedies.