Colorado has laws in place to protect workers from sexual harassment at the workplace. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) advises that you can ask the person harassing you to stop what they are doing, but for some people, it may be difficult to find the courage to speak out. If you believe you have been sexually harassed, there are a number of options that present themselves to you. 

If you decide that you wish to file a charge for sexual harassment, bear in  mind that you have a time limit of 300 days or 180 days from the event’s occurrence, depending on your place of employment. If you do decide to contact the EEOC, your interaction will be kept confidential. 

It is possible to settle matters without resorting to filing any charges. You are legally protected from being retaliated against for any complaints you make to your supervisor or human resources department. 

Most employers have a policy with guidelines for you to follow if you believe you have been harassed. However, not all employers have a sexual harassment policy, and you can still report any unwanted interactions to your supervisor. 

If your employer does have a harassment policy, ask to see a copy of the policy so you can identify if the policy has been violated. The policy may also be contained within your employee handbook. 

If you are a federal employee, the time limits are different from those stated above. Federal employees must also follow a different complaint process.