Given that the Colorado Springs area contains five military bases, you may wish to look into becoming a federal contractor, especially since the government makes at least 23% of these jobs available to small businesses only. Becoming a federal contractor, however, takes considerably more than simply bidding on available jobs. You first need to do a lot of pre-work. advises that the first thing you should do is decide if your business and the government are a good fit. This could depend on the type of products and/or services you offer and the number of government agencies that need those products and/or services. If you wish to proceed, you should then do your research into the laws and regulations by which federal contractors must abide. You may also wish to contact an experienced employment law attorney who can help you determine if your company’s current employment policies, practices and procedures comply with government standards.

Selecting a job

You will then need to find one or more specific contracts for which you want to apply. Make sure you also do the following:

  • Obtain the six-digit North American Industry Classification System code for your industry.
  • Obtain the nine-digit Data Universal Numbering System code you will need in order to compete for federal contracts.
  • Open a System for Award Management account.
  • Create a business plan that includes your marketing plan, the details of your staffing, and the amount of money you expect the government to pay you if it accepts your job bid.

Bidding the job

Make sure you carefully read all the information contained in the solicitation offer. If you have additional questions, do not be afraid to ask them before you bid on the job. Then prepare your bid in accordance with the solicitation’s specifications.

Keep in mind that it usually takes the government between one and six months to review all the bid submissions. A Contracting Officer will then contact you to let you know whether or not the government has accepted your bid. Alternatively, (s)he may request further information from you and/or request that you schedule a negotiation meeting to finalize all the contract terms.