Sometimes, victims of discrimination are afraid to step forward because they fear that people will dismiss their claims and their company will have an upper hand in court. Sadly, this is true in many instances. Some people are accused of fabricating incidents and details, even though discrimination clearly took place. For this reason, it is imperative for those who experience discrimination to prepare for their case and take steps to prove that their rights were violated. 

In a discrimination case, victims who have emails, text messages or witnesses to back up their claims are more likely to secure a favorable outcome. If you have a nasty email from your employer or supervisor that proves your position was terminated as a result of your racial background, religious beliefs or some other unlawful reason, it is pivotal to save this evidence. If other workers witnessed abuse and are willing to step forward, this is also very helpful. 

Unfortunately, some people do not always have such concrete evidence and those who violate the rights of workers often deny wrongdoing. However, there are other ways to prove that discrimination occurred. For example, victims can sometimes gather circumstantial data, such as statistics that prove many others who belong to the same race or age group were fired, while others were promoted. If your position was cut as a result of discrimination but some other factor was provided, look at the reason(s) given and save any supporting information. It often feels like an uphill battle, but some victims of discrimination who take legal action are able to get the justice they deserve and our website offers more information.