When people consider the consequences of discrimination in the workplace, they may focus on the career-related challenges that victims have to endure as well as the potential financial impact of mistreatment (losing a job, being demoted and so on). However, discrimination can shatter the lives of workers in many ways, and it is not uncommon for long-term hardships to arise as a result of discrimination. From depression and substance abuse to health problems, sleeping disorders and chronic stress, there are various problems that may come into the lives of those who are abused and discriminated against at work. 

Sometimes, victims of discrimination feel voiceless, and this can cause some people to internalize the hardships that they are facing. They may come to the conclusion that there is nothing they can do about what they have been through and that those who have violated their rights will never be held accountable. Often, this is not the case, and people are able to regain their confidence and make up for some of the financial difficulties that have been brought into their lives because of discrimination. 

From being discriminated against on the basis of religious views to age, gender and one’s racial background, there is a multitude of reasons why employees continue to experience discrimination at their place of employment. Our law office strongly feels that those who experience unlawful discrimination for any reason need to have a voice and a clear understanding of the legal options that might be open to them, whether this means moving forward with a complaint or even taking legal action.