There are a host of reasons why employees decide to file a complaint or even take legal action over the way in which they were treated at work. Some workers in Colorado take action due to discrimination or sexual harassment, but McConnell Law, PC has seen many other work-related issues arise that ultimately prompt an employee to take further action. For example, someone who is not receiving the compensation that they are entitled to should not think twice about defending themselves. Regrettably, many workers fail to act after experiencing a wage violation.

Some workers do not realize just how many different forms of wage discrimination there are. For example, someone may not be paid the minimum wage, which can make it extremely difficult for them to survive. Or, they may not be paid overtime even though they have worked enough hours in a week to receive overtime pay for the period. In some cases, a worker is denied his or her wages altogether.

All of these violations are not only financially difficult, but they generate a lot of emotional issues as well. Many people who are denied the wages that they are owed become depressed, stressed out or even angry. These feelings are completely understandable and it is vital for employers who fail to respect the rights of their workers to face the consequences of their actions. To read more about various legal topics that are related to wage and hour violations, go through our website. Also, do not hesitate to defend yourself if your employer has not respected your rights.