It may seem like instances of sexual harassment in the workplace are fairly cut and dry. However, this is not always the case. You may be the victim of sexual harassment and not realize the behavior being directed at you is not permissible. You may also suspect that something is wrong with the way you’re being treated but lack the right information to decide. In either case, Business Insider explains the signs of sexual harassment at work so you can take the proper steps to put an end to it.

It can be hard to stop sexual harassment on your own, even if you ask for certain behaviors or actions to stop. Under normal circumstances, telling a co-worker that you don’t like certain statements or that their actions make you uncomfortable would put an end to the behavior. However, with sexual harassment it can be difficult to make yourself heard to the other person, even when you clearly don’t care for the behavior.

Sexual harassment isn’t always requests for dates or blatant romantic advances. It can also be sexually charged compliments, questions about your past sexual history, the presentation of pornographic videos or images, or standing too close. Any activity that makes you feel uncomfortable and seems inappropriate for a work setting should be carefully reviewed.

Sexual harassment also creates a feeling of pressure that make an employee go along with the behavior. This is especially true when sexual harassment occurs between a boss and subordinate, which can make it even more difficult to make a complaint. Any issues should be reported to your workplace’s human resources department. If they’re not sufficiently followed up on, you can consider consulting with an attorney to make a formal complaint.