In a recent study covering the years between 2009 and 2018, Colorado ranked at the top for religious discrimination complaints in the workplace. The Centennial State, however, showed a 43.9% decrease in age discrimination complaints between those same years.  

Based on data compiled from 916,923 complaints filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and as reported by the Colorado Springs Gazette, the study disclosed the states with the most workplace discrimination complaints. While Colorado had the highest amount of actions filed over religious discrimination, it tied with Florida in second place for the number of complaints accusing an employer of discrimination based on an individual’s national origin. 

Religious discrimination complaints vs. national origin discrimination 

For every 100,000 residents in Coloradothe EEOC received 1.1 complaintalleging an employer of religious discrimination between 2009 and 2018. No particular religion was immune from facing accusations of intolerance or inequity 

To earn its second-place tie with Florida, for every 100,000 Colorado residentsthe EEOC received 3.1 employment discrimination complaints. While Florida’s population is much higher than Colorado’s comparatively, there may be more frequent discrimination actions brought on by affected Colorado employees. 

Filing a legal action against an employer 

Unless an employer provides a document explaining its policies for hiring, firing and promoting employeesan employee the company fires, demotes or punishes may believe the negative action is the result of discrimination. When an individual sees another employee treated more favorably and suspects it is because of his or her own religious belief or nation of origin, it might be a case of unequal treatment.  

Workplace discrimination cases can be filed with the EEOC when an employee begins to experience a toxic work environmentAny workplace circumstances or behaviors that make it difficult or impossible for an employee to do his or her job might reflect a toxic environment. If an employee expresses concerns to management and then experiences retaliation, such as a manager’s negative actions or a change in job dutiesit may be cause for a legal action.