Filing a complaint against your employer is always going to be an awkward situation. The chances are good that you have already tried to resolve the issue in other ways, but it persists. You should never have to be in a situation where your employer is not treating you right. This is why there are systems set up for you to make a complaint in Colorado.

As a federal employee, there is a specific process you must follow to file a complaint. The U.S. Department of Labor explains when you have an equal employment opportunity complaint, you need to go through the pre-complaint process and then the formal process to file a complaint.

Pre-complaint process

The process before filing a formal complaint involves contacting the Civil Rights Center. You must do this within 45 days of the incident in question. You will talk with a counselor about the complaint process and your rights. You will talk about the situation and provide facts in the case. You will also have the opportunity for mediation or another alternative dispute resolution.

Formal complaint process

If you do not feel you resolved the issue during the pre-complaint process, then you can move on to filing your formal complaint. It should be in writing and submitted to the CRC director or Secretary of Labor. You have 15 days after your counselor in the pre-complaint process gives you the notice that tells you your rights to file a discrimination complaint.

The CRC may accept or dismiss your complaint. If it accepts it, there will be an investigation. If it dismisses it, then you will get a written reason for the dismissal. You do have the right to appeal.

The investigation, if any, will look into the facts and help the CRC make a final ruling on the matter. You have the right also to appeal the final decision or to file a civil lawsuit.